Anytime / anywhere NYC

a private photo tour of your choice

Having a seasoned photographer as a tour guide can be very helpful and rewarding. I can show you remarkable cityscapes along with hidden urban sites and provided opportunities for exceptional photography. Plus I can tell you the history and the tales and the current scene of where ever you want to tour.

Just choose your area.  Central Park, Grand Central Terminal / Midtown, High Line / Chelsea,  the Village, Soho Five Points/ Chinatown, Walls St. / Downtown? There is always more ...This is New York. Brooklyn, Harlem, the Bronx… What would you like to photograph - architecture, street art, neighborhoods, people, parks, the waterfront, sunsets?  Choose your time - morning, noon, night. I will plan your itinerary for a couple of hours or all day as longer as you want and guide you how to get yours shots. 

Recommended for groups 8 or less.  

Price depends on duration of tour.

2 1/2 hr - $200,  $100 for each additional hr. (or fraction of)

Choose your custom time and city trek by contacting me.